Safety from Burglers Robbery

Safety measures against theft, burglary and robbery

  • * Try to avoid walking alone with precious ornaments or large sum of money.

  • * Co-ordinate and co-operate with your neighbors in fighting out criminals from society.

  • * Be alert while dealing with strangers and before welcoming them to your residential compound.

  • * Be alert of strangers in your society.

  • * If possible, try to use safety equipments in your home like emergency alarms, CCTV etc.

  • * Keep complete update address with picture of people staying in rent in your home.

  • * Be alert of trace passers and unidentified people in your society.

  • * If possible, keep your home compound well lit.

  • * Keep dog for security, in possible.

  • * Close doors and windows properly if you are leaving home.

  • * Close unused rooms and passages properly.

  • * Never give chance to criminals and stay safe and alert all the time.